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Форум сервера l2fenice

Update 06.07.2022.


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                                                                                                           UPDATE 06.07.2022

  •       Fixed the skill "Rebirth" instead of 5% HP to 100%.
  •       Skill nobles, can be used through the block buff.
  •       Reload Balance Heal 46> 20 seconds.
  •       Fixed skill Aggression - does not work on Players.
  •       Increased skill Mass Resurrection +200.
  •       Fixed Bug with book of giants, now you can put any amount.
  •       Fixed an issue with Abyssal Jewel firing.
  •       Fixed an issue with firing mobs in Imperial Tomb.
  •       Global Chats - accessible from level 40.
  •       Ring of Core/Orfen Earring - stats + 10% are now relevant.
  •       Reworked Premium buff - now available to save to your profile.
  •       Chance to block magic damage with shields - fixed, removed.
  •       Skill Fell Swoop and Focus Attack - no longer stack.
  •       Offline_shop - relevant after server restart. Offline trade does not disappear.
  •       Fixed craft bug - Shinning bow.
  •       Accessories - Added function "Confirm purchase yes/no".
  •       Headwear - Added fitting room.
  •       Headwear - Added "Confirm purchase yes/no" function.
  •       Premium account - Now you can upgrade/stack without waiting for the old Premium to expire.
  •       Put protections in place.


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