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Форум сервера l2fenice

Update 09.07.2022.


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                                                                                                         UPDATE 09.07.2022


  • All issued Rune Box - 7 days.
  • Olympiad - corrected time before battle starts.
  • Olympiad - temporarily changed points for victory/loss/restart/ - removes 1/5th of all points (instead of 1/3).
  • Quest Whisper of Dreams. Increased the chance of Sealed Mysterius Stone falling out.
  • Legacy of Insolence. Increased Ancient Papyrus's cooldown.
  • Quest Enhance Your Weapon. Fixed/reworked SA pimping to match default settings.
  • Fixed the Buff Slot to match the server's description, 24 slot.
  • Added Dualsword craft Stamp to GmShop.
  • On our site appeared a Personal Cabinet, where you can find the following functions:
    - Raid Boss 70+ Statistics
    - Epic Boss stats.
    - Statistics of Castles/Clans/Guers/PVP
    - Teleport to City.
    - Nick Changer.
    - Nick Color Change.

    Changing the password
    - Fenice Coin refills at a discount. The discount is charged automatically depending on the amount of Fenice Coin


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