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Global Update 30.07.2022


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                                                         Global Update 30.07.2022. Server off 12:00-17:00.


  • New C4/Classic/Essens interface. A lot of interesting and useful features, including a variety of panels.
  • Quality, improved C4 PTS platform.
  • Fixed an issue with Tablet vision in Ketra orc Outpost.
  • Fixed an issue on the ice crystal quest, The Finest ingredients.
  • Fixed range Transfer pain - 900.
  • Fixed Strider pass through the wall. ( In any case, for the use of immediately GMroom).
  • Raised the amount and chance to drop a Dimensional fragment by 2 times.
  • Raised the chance to pump CA 12>13 on Ember/Anakazel - 10%.
  • Increased quest War with Ketra Orcs / War with the Varka silens - x5.
  • Added Zombie Shield to the server - 15% p.def.
  • Added Nephelim Sheild to the server - 15% m.def.
  • Added HP/CP/MP symbols to this server.
  • Added clan skills to the server. For the study requires 5 levels of the clan, reputation, Egg.
  • Added drop items to Varka's Silenos vilage location, from mobs 80+. Sharpening / Books / Broken 1 piece (Only this location).
  • Fixed the /dismiss function. Before this did not work.
  • Skill Buff block - redesigned. Full block of all spells, including party group, olympiad.  Exception for Nobles, works for all.
  • Added riot kill announcements around the world, changed colors.
  • Added Rheumatism, Cholera to Premium buff.
  • Added Buff Rheumatism, Flu - to monsters in Hot springs.
  • Added Buff - skill D.Weight.
  • Champions Monsters - 100% vulnerability to sleep.
  • Upgraded Surrender to wind/water/fire pass.
  • Arcana Protection - resists to Cancel increased from 30 to 60.
  • Fixed TP defense, now Debuff won't pass. ( Still working on skill Cansel.)
  • Torch - x2.
  • Moved the auction to alt+b.
  • Added .vip command.
  • Imperial Tomb - PvP Zone.


  • Added 10/11/12/13 lvl SA to Scrolls section.
  • Added characters section.
  • Added top resources for adena.
  • Added Armor A/S-grade to Donate shop.
  • Added Weapon S-grade to the Donate shop.
  • Added reProf main class to Donate shop.
  • Added epic jewerly ( AQ / Zaken / Baium / Core / Orfen / Antharas / Valakas ) to Donate shop. Price bijouterie increased - in connection with the voting stats and in general the loot in the game. Costume jewelry is not transferred.

Raid Boss.

  • The new Raid Boss - Fenice BOSS. Place of rebirth Imperial Tomb (Central Room). At this point, temporarily replaced.
    - Respawn - Every 2 days, from 9pm to 10pm.
  • Drop list:
    - Festival adena / BEWS / BEAS / Zombi Shield 10% chance / Nephelim Shield 10% chance / RB Zaken.Orfen.Core. - 2% chance.
  • Rep of all Raid Boss 70+ increased to 18 hours.
  • Increased stats by 50% for the following Raid Bosses - Cherub Galaxia / Longhom Golkonda / Ketra's Commander Tayr / Ketra's Chief Brakki / Varka's Commander Mos / Varka's Chief Hours / Ember.
  • Added to the aforementioned Raid Boss drop items - Egg, the number of 1 piece. Each Raid Boss has its own Egg. 


  • Fixed arena with hp/mp/cp regeneration.
  • Banned items of the type - Nef / zomb / symbols / crown / Diadems.
  • Changed the accrual of points for win/loss/draw - 1/3 instead of 1/5.
  • Forbidden to transfer/sell Hiro weapons.
  • Only one chiro weapon available, one hero.
  • Maximum sharpening for Magic Weapon +10. (Temporarily)
  • Registration for the Olympics with 3 Profession only.
  • After the Global update, all the chiro guns that are present on the server will be removed.
  • Reduced the number of received Gate Pass in 2 times, for the victory after the end of the period.


  • Visualization of Top clans on the site, increased to 3.
  • Starts the event "TOP CLAN". 
    - Reward - 500 stake, Clan leader.
    - All reputation is updated after the Global update and is equal to 0.

Note: Dear players, updates can be added and edited. It is also possible unforeseen errors, of course, it is unlikely. In turn, the administration of the project will try as quickly as possible to fix the problem, unfinished position. Just ask you to treat with understanding and respect for the administration of the server and the whole project with you l2fenice.
All of us are human, we all have the properties to make mistakes. Nothing is perfect in this world. But we know for sure that we really value our project and contribute to him in every way, both physically and financially, in order to work for many years without waivers, until the last Player!
Thank you!

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In the coming days, the completion of the Global update. 

  • Fix /targetnext command - radius 900.
  • Fix protection for TP, passing kensel.
  • There will be a new Fenice Boss.
  • We will launch TvT event.
  • Relog in the pvp zone for 5 minutes, then automatically TP to the city.
  • Skill Ressurection / mass Ressurection - time of action 5 minutes. Then the window disappears.
  • Summation Premium accoaunt ( so that you could buy in advance ).
  • Magic Weapon limit on Olympiad +8.
  • New Accessories.


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                                                                              Launch EVENT "Find Hole/Bug" - get 10 col.

Found a crooked geolocation, found a hole in the game, another Bug, then write us a private message and get a reward.
We will fix it at once!
Please write without grudges and insulting claims.

Let's make together, our game with you better!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Launched the next update to the game:

  • Added drop items to Varka's Silenos vilage location, from mobs 80+. Sharpening/Books/Broken 1 piece (Only this location).
  • Fixed Buff - D.Weight.
  • Fixed Olympics Arena. Only 9 arenas are available.
  • Fixed Buff Over/warc passing in party/clan/ally - on Olympiad.
  • Fixed Skill - Trick/Switch. Breakthrough 90%.
  • Fixed Ogre Spirit Totem stats. Cut read time in half, to 3.
  • Fixed recall/remove summon in pvp mode. 
  • Increased HP/Dmg Raid Boss stats in Imperial Tob.
  • Returned RaidBoss 70+ stats to the site.
  • Fixed EXP Guards for Raid Boss Shilen Messenger Cabrio.
  • Increased Drop Dimension Fragment. 
  • Added a "remove all effects" feature - by clicking the "wheel" on your mouse. This feature will help you beat the lag and high fps in the game.

We ask everyone to run Updater.

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Update 08/15/2022:

  • Fixed fishing skill. No longer missing.
  • Fixed Olympiad time to Sunday until 11:59pm.
  • Cleaned up the auction. Selling for FA/Fenice coin only ( we will add Torch/Brok in near future ). Forbidden to sell almost all equipment up to A-grade ( except DC, Tallum ). All things that were at auction, will return their owners. (Who will not return, write the administrators).
  • Banned clan skill on the olympiad. 
  • Added Torch/Festival/Broken pack to the Exchange section. To be able to sell at auction alt+b.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 29.08.2022:

  • Relog in pvp zone 5 minutes, then automatically TP to the city.
  • Skill Ressurection / mass Ressurection - action time 5 minutes. Next box disappears.
  • Fixed disappearance of skills from the panel alt + tab / 3 proff / noble skills. ( We will test in the game a couple of days ).
  • Added to Donate shop - Change sex / change main class.
  • Replaced all catacomb/necropolis/FoG/Varka's geodata ( need test)
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