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                                                                                         Greetings, dear players! 

  • We are glad to inform you about the PvP tournament 9vs9 for roll out among the Players of our server.
  • The tournament will be held at Coliseum_Aden.
  • The tournament is scheduled for 28.08.2022, Sunday.
  • Gathering of players for the tournament takes place from 16:30 to 16:55.
  • The tournament will start at 17:00.
  • Please follow all tournament rules and do not violate them. Please value your and our time. Thank you!


  • First place - 200 Fenice Coin + nickname collor.
  • Second place - 100 Fenice coin.
  • Third place - 50 Fenice. coin.

                                                                              Conditions / prohibited / allowed (Required)

  • All equipment/weapons of all grades are allowed.
  • Weapon/Weaponry +4 Max Grind Allowed.
  • Any grade is allowed.
  • HP/Mental/Focus sticks allowed.
  • Buff scrolls are forbidden.
  • Elixirs - MP/CP/HP/Quick/G.Heal are forbidden.
  • Prohibited items - Nephelim/Zombie, Symbol (any type).
  • All crowns and hero/castles are forbidden.
  • No hero weapons allowed.
  • Raid Boss jewelry of any kind is forbidden.
  • SoulTake - Forbidden to summon - Summons Corrupted / Reanimated / Cursed Man. (First Profession, allowed).

                                                                                       Tournament rules ( Required reading )

  • All players who participate in the tournament, are required to prepare for the tournament in advance, observing all tournament rules and restrictions, with all only allowed items/equipment.
  • Exactly at 16:30, the leader of the group writes in a private message to the administrator ADM.Fenice or ADM.Wakeup, the number of players in the party and Nick of each player who is in this party. Exclusively those who will participate in the tournament.
  • Next, the Administrator will teleport one Player at a time to the arena and check for the correct items in his inventory. 
  • Note: If a Player is found to have prohibited items in his/her inventory, he/she will be informed at the same moment. If the player does not remove the item within 10 seconds / or does not respond to administrator requests, the Player is immediately sent to town.
  • Flooding, off-topic talk in the chat is forbidden.
  • Further, after the administrator has made a check on your character, the chat will say "Ready _Your nickname". After which, the Player must immediately sit down and not run around the arena.
  • Flood chat - chat ban. Running around the arena, exclusion from the tournament.
  • Teleportation of Players will take place exactly until 16:55, after which the registration closes. The tournament starts at 17:00 sharp.
  • The beginning of the tournament, the Administration writes in the Announcement chat the name of the Party Leader, and then teleports him/her to one of the sides. Then all the Players, who take part in this group, immediately stand up and approach their leader.
  • At the command "Start Buff" - All players are buffed. Time to Buff is 120 seconds.
  • After the command "Stop Buff" - All players stop buffing. After that, the Players restore the npc "Arena Director" - full HP/CP/MP.
  • Further, the Administration in the Announcement chat writes a report on the beginning of the Battle.  ( 5,4,3,2,1 - COMBAT)
  • After the battle is over, the administration resurrects all the Players.
  • The winner of the pair, is determined by the sum of the 3 games, the winning group must have 2 wins.
  • After the end of the battle of the two groups, the losing team goes to town.
  • After the end of the battle between the two groups, the winning team sits on the opposite side of the arena (the Winners).
  • Further, everything is identical.
  • Skills - are not restored. (For example UD, if you are a tank and so on).

Fight with the strongest, get the status of the best team. See you at the tournament!

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