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Форум сервера l2fenice

Update 08.09.2022


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                                        UPDATE 08.09.2022

  • Updated site design.
  • In a private office moved:
    - Top Clan stats.
    - Statistics Top PvP.
    - Session in a private cabinet does not fall, you can be 24/7.
  • Implemented their own built-in spoil/drop patch.
  • Reworked server economy, drop / spoil from monsters / raid bosses / sale of items. In general, nothing special, just all tightened to the spoil/drop patch.
  • Implemented changing the main class via npc.
  • Now there is no limit on the number of characters in the password, to register an account.
  • Added Adena exchange for Fenice coin in Gm-shop. Price 400kk = 1 fenice coin.
  • Changed the farm location. Previously was Varka's Silenos, now Silent Valley. Drop remains the same, Enchant A-S grade / book of giants / broken relic part.
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